Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is KYC ?

    KYC or Know-Your-Customer, is a way for us to know you better by verifying your Government-issued identity documents and also lenders to be confident about lending to KYC-verified borrowers. This allows the Borofy platform to be transparent, reliable, agile and open.

  • How to pay ?

    Step 1: Go to my account and select bank details.
    Step 2: fill the form (Bank deatails is required)
    Step 3: Continue to shop
    Step 4: Otherwise your paying UPI ID,Net Banking,QR CODE.

  • How to BUY ?

    Contact Us Support team Contact

  • How To List My Items ?

    Once you’re done signing in, you should find an option that reads "List your Item" on the top-right corner of your screen. Once you click on it, you will be taken to a form into which you can enter details about your listing. When you’re done, click accept, and your listing will go live!<br>If your item seems too unique to fit into any of your categories, like a set of magician’s trick cards, or some scuba diving equipment, no worries! We welcome it! You can list your item under the category "Others" and after we evaluate your listing to make sure it’s a-okay, your item will go live on our website.

  • What are some prerequisites to listing? What are the kinds of pictures I will have to use in my listing?

    Please do make sure that the quality and condition of your items, even if not as good as brand new, are adequate and usable, and please make sure of their upkeep. Borrowers will be discerning, and any serious deficiencies in the safety and conditions of the listing will lead to monitoring from our team, and potential blacklisting. We only ask that you be considerate, and that you only lend items that you’d be satisfied borrowing.<br>As far as supplanting your listing goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Please use original, high-resolution images for your listings. We strongly encourage taking it up a notch, flexing your artistic skills, and providing aesthetic pictures with flattering lighting – this could increase chances of your item being borrowed by as much as thirty percent!

  • Who fixes the rental deposit and the security deposit?

    You, as the lender, do! Of course, they will have to be reasonable and be not more than half the value of the item listed, but as the lender you can settle on the final rupee amount at your discretion.

  • How secure are the payment transactions?

    We use payment processing firms that are fully PCI-DSS compliant, and if those are just letters to you, we essentially hire those firms that employ industry-leading standards for payment security. If you’re familiar with the industry you’d perhaps understand that your payment information is collected on a secure HTTPS web page using SSL. Most importantly, we never store your credit card number or your security code (CVV code). We only store a payment "token" (an order number generated at random), which allows us to look up your payment transaction without having your card details.<br>In short – to answer your question – how secure are the payment transactions? Incredibly secure.

  • How secure are the details I enter onto this platform?

    We do not sell, rent or otherwise disclose personal information collected on our site to third parties, and we think privacy is a right. If you’ve read our previous question, you know that we do not store payment details, and we certainly do not harvest information.<br>

    However, we sometimes use third-party agents for development and to fulfill orders who may have access to some identifiable information so that they can do their jobs. But they’re only engaged to enhance our services, like remove features that you’ve told us you don’t like, or when you send us a request that needs responding to! All of us at Rentorzo strive to protect the community we’re building and as the managers of the platform, it is certainly our responsibility to make the environment safe, pleasant and welcoming. Our privacy policy is also oriented towards the same, and you can check it out here.

  • How can I contact you?

    We completely get it, sometimes it would just be easier to have a conversation, and we’re happy to oblige! Please write to us via our contact page here and we will call you back at the earliest. You can also call our customer service helpline at +91 93857 95958 and Mail to : info@rentorzo.com